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Bonzi Team is an extension of your Club or League software that imports all team information directly from your software to Bonzi Team, simplifying the team management process. When using Bonzi Team, club and league admins still have full control, but now your coaches have the ability to view their roster, schedule games, events and practices, send emails to their players, and so much more.


Team Roster

What’s everyone’s first stop when logging into Bonzi Team? The team roster! On this roster you will see coaching staff, players, and parents.

Profile Personalization 


Each roster member has the ability to log in and customize their team profile.

Parents have full control over their children’s profile. Once a parent logs into their account they will be able to edit the player’s “About Me” section and add a player photo.

Assigning a Team Parent

Busy coaches might need a helping hand managing information in Bonzi Team. Team admins (coach,assistant coach, manager, etc) can assign some help by turning a parent into a team parent.

Team parent is a role that allows adults who didn’t register as a volunteer with your organization still help out the team online. This parent now has admin permission within Bonzi Team.

Printing Rosters & Medical Waivers

Above the roster list is a Team Admin only option to print medical waivers and roster information. Official Bonzi Full and Safe rosters pull information directly from your club or league software, while Bonzi Team Full and Safe rosters pull photos and other user information that has been directly added into Bonzi Team.

Privacy Settings

Users can hide or publish contact information in the My Settings option under their name at the top of the screen. These settings are linked to the account and will apply to all of the teams they have joined.

Contact information can be turned on or off by team admins for the entire team under Team Settings. By default this is set to “off” to protect private information.

Team Communication


Team admins have the ability to send emails out to their team or publish announcements inside Bonzi Team. These admins can either send an email to everyone, all players, all parents, individual roster members with personal messages, or email no one and simply publish an announcement inside Bonzi Team for members to see upon log in.  


Bonzi Team Messages

Bonzi Team Messaging is the internal communication feature for Bonzi Team. With Bonzi Team messages you can communicate with roster members across multiple teams that have accepted their team invitations. Think of this like a very basic email inbox; you cansee received and sent messages, be shown read and unread messages, and view a reply/comment thread for a single message.

Text Messaging

When roster members add a mobile number and mobile carrier to their account they will be able to receive text alerts from team admins and text notifications for team updates that they choose under their personal notification settings.


In a user’s personal settings they have a Notifications option. Here they can choose if they want an email, bonzi message, or a SMS text notification for the different features of Bonzi Team, such as changes to the roster, schedule, photo albums, or forms.

Announcements in Your Software to Your Teams

Club or league admins can communicate with their teams by creating announcements in your organization’s software under the menu option Communication > Announcements. You can choose to email team members your announcements and post the announcement in Bonzi Team.



There are three types of schedule items in the Bonzi Team calendar; games, practices, and events. When locations are added, Bonzi Team will provide a google map and weather report for that day. Team members are automatically emailed when a new item is added to their team schedule.




Game & Practice Attendance

The most popular and useful feature in Bonzi Team is the Attendance tracker where players, parents, and team admins can mark if they will be able to attend a practice or game.

Emails can be sent out for a schedule item to a group of recipients based on if they will be there, if they can’t make it, or a reminder for those who haven’t selected an attendance status yet.


Schedules Imported from Your Organization to Your Teams

There are two ways to import schedule information directly to your teams:

Add event information to your organization’s event calendar.

Schedule games for your teams in the Bonzi Game Scheduler. When you publish these games, they will automatically be added to your teams’ calendars.


Forms and Document Sharing

Do your coaches have medical forms, permission slips, or other documents that are important to share with their roster members? Now they can upload these forms and documents right into Bonzi Team. Team members will be able to log in anytime to download these important documents.

Photo Sharing

Ready to have a little fun? Players, parents and team admins can create albums and share photos on Bonzi Team. With our advanced editing features, everyone can have tons of fun with their team pictures.


Public Team Pages

Information on Bonzi Team is private and only available to roster members. A “public” team page is an organization controlled webpage on your site that publishes approved Bonzi Team information, such as announcements, team photos, and the team schedule. Now even grandma in a different state can cheer on the team without creating an account!

Turning Off Bonzi Team

All done using Bonzi Team? Need to temporarily disable a team? Find your team in your navigation tree and choose the Disable Bonzi Team action. This will turn off Bonzi Team for this team and now anyone logging in will no longer be able to see these team details. You can always turn Bonzi Team back on and roster members will see the team listing once again the next time they log into their Bonzi Team account.

TIP: Remember, you can always activate or disable Bonzi Team in bulk by “Finding” teams and checking the boxes next to every team to which the action applies




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