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Team Feed

The first thing you'll see after logging into BonziTeam will be your team feed. The feed includes an at-a-glance view of communication and activities posted about your team, along with a list of events in the next 7 days, and coach contact information.

Here a Few Important Features Available in the Team Feed: 

  • Click on posts in the feed to see more detail and make comments that others can see. When you click a post, a new panel expands to the right. Close the pane by clicking the Close tab at the top OR by choosing the Team Feed tab on the left.
  • Clicking the link at the bottom of the feed allows you to see more entries.
  • When you use one of the features in Bonzi Team, for example create a Photo Album, the Stream will be updated to let your team members know what you've added or if you've posted new information or comments.
  • Click the buttons on the left side of your screen to access the individual features in Bonzi Team. 
Events In The Next 7 Days


All scheduled games, practices, and events for the next week is conveniently listed to the right of the Team feed. 

Click an event item under Events in the next 7 days which will take you to the Schedule where you can view more detail about the event.


Important Contact Information


All of the important contact information for your team administrators will be conveniently listed to the right. That includes team managers and coaches. Any contact information they included when making their Bonzi Team account will be available to the roster members.

Click on a coach name which will take you to the Roster where you can view the member profile in an expanded screen. You can also click Send Message (via email) or Send Text SMS if the coach has text messaging enabled.


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